Nomading Film Festival.

Just yesterday was the Nomading Film Festival in New York City, and Jeff and I decided to head in for the event. Located in the backyard of Hostelling International-NY, the festival felt more like an outdoor family barbecue than a film festival, which was a welcome feel.

There was a rock climbing wall, band, taco truck, photo area, and ping pong table, along with plenty of picnic tables to relax, have a beverage or two, and enjoy some delicious tacos.

But, the real purpose of this event was to screen ten of the entered travel videos. With each film I watched, I was continuously inspired, not only by the places people traveled to, but by the idea that they were able to film and capture moments they experienced on camera. That in turn inspired me to make a promise to myself to film what I see in Africa. I know, it won’t always be easy, and I’m not experienced in this area, but maybe it will show me a different side of myself and who I am as a traveler. Maybe next year, I’ll even have my very own video in the festival.

After screening the films, and voting for my favorites, I was even able to meet up with NaEun, who blogs at Summer in SEA. Up until then, our connection had only been through social media, but it was so great to finally meet in person.

All in all, the day was perfect, from good food to good company, and more importantly, excellent travel films. Yesterday, I was inspired in many ways and am already looking forward to next year’s event.

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