What Do I Write About?

Lost in my early-twenties, I began to question what made me happy and began to seek happiness on a daily basis. What I discovered was that traveling to and discovering new countries, people, and cultures made me the happiest. After that, my passion was writing, which made sense since I’ve always used writing as a therapy, to discover more about myself or get through any problems.

The Spanish Steps.


The result of my venture into self-discovery was to create a space where I could combine my love of travel with a love for writing. And, so at the end of 2010, a year of many changes, challenges, and transitions, The World Wanderer was born.



In the beginning, the purpose of The World Wanderer was to share my adventures while traveling and to give advice to other travelers. But, over the years, it has developed into so much more. My goals, as a writer, are to share not only, what inspires me as a traveler, but to inspire others to get out there and see the world. My belief is that if you want something bad enough, you can achieve any dream or goal. If yours is to travel, it’s time to let nothing hold you back.




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