My first time in Europe was the November right after September 11th 2001. We almost didn’t go at all. But, we decided to not let anything make us afraid, and we headed to Ireland. It was that first trip that made me fall in love with travel. We drove all over the country visiting family, and I knew from that moment that I wanted to see the entire world.

From there, I continued to travel around Europe once more with my family and other times with friends. I have seen a lot of the continent, though there is still so much I’d like to see.

Brussels – December 2009

Cres, Osor, Lošinj, Lubenice, Stivan, and Martinšćica – July 2006

London – April 2006 and January 2011

Paris – August 2007

Munich and Dachau – July 2006

Amsterdam – December 2009

Galway, Cahersiveen, Valentia Island, Cork, Dublin, Waterford, and Longford – November 2001
Dublin, Cahersiveen, Valentia Island, and Longford – July 2006
Dublin and Longford – December 2009
Dublin and Longford – November 2010

Rome – March 2005
Venice – July 2006

Edinburgh – December 2010

Madrid, Segovia, and Toledo – August 2007

In July of 2006, my family drove through Austria and Slovenia, but I didn’t feel I learned enough about the culture to count them here. One day, I hope to return.

One thought on “Europe.

  1. Wow you actually visited my most favourite place in Croatia ever; Martinšćica 🙂 Every year I go back I feel at home.. I actually think I recognise the beach of the pic you made of the sea at Cres..

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