Bucket List.

My Bucket List (in no particular order):

1. Visit every continent by thirty.
2. Sand board in Namibia.
3. Swim with Great White sharks in South Africa.
4. Live abroad for at least a few months.
5. Become fluent in a language – Italian or French.
6. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
7. Swim in every ocean.
8. Publish a book.
9. Go to a Full Moon party in Thailand.
10. Walk on the Great Wall of China.
11. Practice yoga in India.
12. See Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
13. See the pyramids in Egypt.
14. Visit the Taj Mahal.
15. See the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil.
16. Visit the Galápagos Islands.
17. Take an Around the World trip.
18. Travel solo.
19. Get certified in SCUBA diving.
20. See the Northern Lights.
21. Pack a bag, buy a plane ticket, and hope for the best.
22. See the cherry blossoms in Japan.
23. Go to an ashram in India to practice meditation.
24. Learn to surf.
25. Volunteer abroad.
26. See the Hagia Sophia in Turkey.
27. Go to Rio for Carnivàle.
28. Get citizenship in one of the countries my grandparents are from.
29. Go to Germany for Oktoberfest.
30. Dance Tango in Argentina. (took tango lessons, now I need to book a trip to South America)
31. Learn how to sail during Yacht Week in Croatia.
32. Climb an active volcano.
33. Go glacier climbing.
34. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway.
35. See Machu Picchu in Peru.
36. Visit Petra in Jordan.
37. See Iguazo Falls (Argentina/Brazil), Niagara Falls (North America), and Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe/Zambia).
38. Learn to play the guitar.
39. Go to the Serengeti.
40. Climb to the base of Mt. Everest.
41. Go to the Fjords of Norway.
42. Go to the Amazon Rainforest and take a boat along the Amazon River.
43. Ride on the back of a motorcycle.
44. Go to Ultra Music Festival in Miami.
45. Learn how to fly a plane.
46. See St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow .
47. Attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand.
48. Drive across the United States.
49. Stay in a bungalow over the ocean in the Maldives or Tahiti.
50. See the Panama Canal.
51. Go island hopping in the Caribbean.
52. Be in Thailand for the Songkran festival.
53. Take a class on photography.
54. See the ruins on Easter Island.
55. Kiss someone special under the Eiffel Tower.
56. Mush a dog sled.
57. Ride a camel.
58. Learn Reiki.
59. Go to an opera.
60. Visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
61. Ride a horse on the beach during sunset.
62. Go to the Kentucky Derby.
63. Attend the Sundance Film Festival.
64. Learn how to snowshoe.
65. Visit all fifty states.
66. Climb Table Mountain in South Africa.
67. See penguins in Antarctica.
68. Go to the Grand Canyon.
69. Wine-taste in Napa Valley.
70. Compete on The Amazing Race.
71. Take a boat ride along the Nile River.
72. Go to the Redwood National Park.
73. See a play at the Globe Theater.
74. Swim in the Dead Sea.
75. Visit every country in the world.


12 thoughts on “Bucket List.

  1. I’m doing #68 this week! I fly into Flagstaff Friday morning, where I will pick up a car at the airport and point myself north. I totally need some time in the vast open spaces of the Southwestern desert.

    As I stare down the barrel of 50, I’m feeling a little mid-life spiritual crisis that’s saying “You need to travel more.” I’m playing with the idea of living abroad sometime over the next decade… maybe apply for a research fellowship in England or something like that…

    • UK – I love this! First of all, I can just picture you off in the desert. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon from a plane, but it just doesn’t count, haha. I am looking forward to your pictures.
      Nothing wrong with wanting to travel more…I can’t seem to stop, always planning the next adventure. Now that Africa is booked all I can think about is South America. I love the idea of living abroad – something I want to do to. England or France are the two places I always think of, or maybe Italy. Either way, the world is our oyster! 🙂

  2. We do have similar interests! Your list of places you’ve been so far is impressive.
    I especially like #70 on your list.
    Have fun in Africa!

  3. That’s all nice, but… Do you have money for it? I want to become an interpreter. Then I will be able to save about 5 – 10 thousand czech crowns every month. After 16 years I will have a million or two. Then I can go round the world… I will be about 38 years old.

    • I’m not too concerned about money, I know it will be there when I need it. Have been good so far, and most of the places I have visited, or want to, are relatively cheap once you get there. Travel is my life, I would spend all of my money to do it. 🙂

      I like your plan! A RTW trip is always a great idea too! 🙂

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