South Street Seaport and the Brooklyn Bridge.

There’s lots to see in the city that never sleeps, but one of my favorite areas is South Street Seaport. Not only does it feel miles away from Mid-Town, but it also seems to take you a step back in time.

A mix of modern and old New York, Fulton Street is full of shops and restaurants set on a cobblestone path. Here you can go shopping, visit the South Street Seaport Museum, or, my favorite activity, enjoy a drink while watching people stroll by.

After some strolling and shopping, you can cross the street, under the FDR, and head to the harbor. Here, you can continue shopping in a mall that reminds me of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, or take in the views of Brooklyn and the ships that seem quite out of place with a background of the city skyline.

Or, you can follow the footsteps inside the mall to the Beekman Beer Garden and Beach Club, which I highly suggest. From here, it’s easy to take in views of the Brooklyn Bridge, while also being able to put your feet in the sand and enjoy an ice cold beer. In my mind, there’s no better way to end a long summer day.

Enjoying the Beekman with my brother.

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28 thoughts on “South Street Seaport and the Brooklyn Bridge.

  1. One teacher told us that NYC is an ugly city and we shouldn’t go there because we would be disappointed. I didn’t believe her. And your pictures proved that she was lying 🙂

  2. Love that view of the Brooklyn Bridge! Though I have been in NYC plenty of times, I have been to that part of town in abt 27 yrs!! Must see next time. It is surprising they still have the boats there – seems almost out of place in a non-resident’s mental image of the Big Apple!

    • It’s okay, I live here and haven’t been to the area since college! Definitely strange to see the boats set in front of the skyscrapers – guess, it’s just something else that makes NYC so unique!

  3. when i lived in NYC i always enjoyed getting down to the South Street Seaport. great pictures…you’ve just taken me down memory lane and made me miss the Big Apple!!

  4. I haven’t spent much time at the Seaport but I love the Brooklyn Bridge. My favorite place to watch the sunset in NYC is from the park just to the North of the bridge on the Brooklyn side, next to the carousel.

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  6. I agree with what the others said: great pictures! I also need to get to NYC – soon – for my first trip there. Ever. I know, I know… 😉 This looks like a place I’d want to hang out!

  7. What cloud cover you had that day…also, never heard anyone call South Street Seaport one of their favorite places in New York…and perhaps it should be, it is a unique spot of the city. I used enjoy watching ships go by with a big beer on Friday afternoons when I worked the European markets… some good times from my early days… thanks for reminding me of them.
    stay adventurous, Craig

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