Life Lessons and the Last Day.

“Life is a classroom. We are both student and teacher. Each day is a test. And each day we receive a passing or failing grade in one particular subject: grace. Grace is compassion, gratitude, surrender, faith, forgiveness, good manners, reverence, and the list goes on. It’s something money can’t buy and credentials rarely produce. Being the smartest, the prettiest, the most talented, the richest, or even the poorest, can’t help. Being a humble person can and being a helpful person can guide you through your days with grace and gratitude.” ― Philosophy

In life, each day is a classroom and each one of us is challenged to perform. To me, this has an entirely different meaning because every day I truly am in a classroom, and this is because I am a 7th grade language arts teacher. While my primary focus is teaching reading and writing, I try to infuse life lessons into the curriculum by bringing in current events and quotes that make my students truly think about the world. My hope, like every teacher, is to make a difference, but unfortunately teachers often receive more criticism than praise.

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Teaching Through Travels.

Being a teacher is one of the toughest jobs I’ve ever done, often with little reward by way of salary or appreciation from anyone. But, every once and a while, a lesson that is taught seems to go beyond the … Continue reading

Passion: A Life of Teaching, Writing, and Travel.

Day 17: BootsnAll Indie Travel Project

Today’s prompt: PassionIt’s easy to be passionate about travel, but does that passion permeate the rest of your life? Do you live and work with passion? Why or why not?

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

This great quote, by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, is one that hangs near my desk at work. It’s inspirational and keeps me going from day to day. Teaching is something that I am passionate about, but negativity from parents, a heavy workload, and criticism from politicians, can make one question why they put in so much time, money, and energy when it often feels that one goes unnoticed and unappreciated. While I’m lucky, and grateful, to have the support of my principal, superintendent, and staff, who make coming to work everyday easy and enjoyable, the pressures can often take the passion out of the job.
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Balancing Teacher Life and Travel Blogging.

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Traveling and writing are two of my life’s greatest passions. But, a close-runner up is teaching. This is my fifth year as a teacher, and I love bringing the classroom to life each day for my students. However, once September rolls around, my personal goals take a back seat, as I spend the next ten months igniting a passion for writing within my students.
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