Discovering Music Abroad.

Along with traveling and writing, I am extremely passionate about music, which is why while I am traveling, I love to listen to the radio and the music playing at restaurants and bars. And, over the years, I have developed quite collection of music from around the world.

I hate to limit myself by just listening to what’s here in the States because the world has so much to offer. Even while I’m home, I constantly bother my cousins in Ireland and ask them to send me the latest musicians and songs that are out in the UK. But, often the best discoveries are made while traveling the world, and my most recent discovery happened this past week in Aruba.
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Spring Break Playlist.

Depending on where you live, spring break is either here or quickly approaching, and even with a mild winter, many are planning to escape to a tropical location. As always, with travel, I believe that bringing along good music is absolutely crucial.



Music has many purposes and brings the journey to life. So, here are a few tunes to download before you head off on your next big adventure.

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Sand In My Shoes.

The post-travel blues are something that I often suffer from. As soon as I get home from traveling, I long to be back on the road, back to somewhere exotic and different from home. There’s reverse culture shock, a longing for the time to breathe and think without any commitments, and the freedom to live life the way I want. No matter how long my time away, it’s never easy for me to come home.

Even now that the post-travel blues are over, I still dream about Asia every single day and find myself constantly looking up my next adventure. And, while I was dreaming of my next escape and searching for flights, I stumbled upon a song that I had downloaded many years ago. Sand In My Shoes, by Dido, perfectly puts the feelings one has upon returning home from a trip into song.

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A Playlist for Holiday Travel.

A few months ago, I wrote up a playlist for summer travel. Now with holiday travel upon us, I thought I’d create another list of songs to update your iPod with before heading off on the road.

Delays in transit, taken by my friend Lara on our way to Scotland last December.

Here are a few of my favorite songs, that are just perfect for time spent in transit during a hectic time to travel:
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I Used to Think Someone Would Love Me for Places I Have Been.

Heard this song on the radio today, and it brought out the hopeless romantic in me once again. I think travel does teach you exactly what you want in yourself and in the person you want to spend your life with. Whether you find that person abroad, or at home.

“These days my friends don’t seem to know me,
Without my suitcase in my hand.
Where I am standing still,
I seem to disappear.
But maybe that’s how I found you.
Maybe that’s taught me exactly what I want.
Maybe meeting you so far away from home,
Is what makes it all so clear.”

Summer Journey Play List

New Zealand mountain roads

Summer is the ideal time for getting away, whether you’re traveling by train, plane, boat, or automobile, one thing is certain – a play list is a necessity. From many road trips with my friend, Lara, around the U.S. to navigating the back roads in New Zealand with my cousin, Michelle, to 2.5 hour flights to Miami or 21 hour flights to New Zealand,my i Pod has helped me along the way. No matter what layovers or delays came my way, I was prepared and content because of my music. This is why I’ve complied a list of a few of my favorite songs for traveling.
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