Lunch at The Culinary Institute of America.

Now, that summer has officially arrived, I have more time to do some exploring close to home. Today, after finishing up my classroom at school, I wasted no time and headed upstate to Poughkeepsie, New York. I had an appointment to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress for my cousin’s wedding, but I dragged my Mom along with me, and she suggested that we have lunch at The Culinary Institute of America. Even though she had been there before, I was excited to experience the school for the first time. Immediately, it exceeded my expectations. Just an hour and a half north of New York City, the campus, which is set on the Hudson River, feels a million miles away.

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Culture Through Cooking.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I do not belong in a kitchen. I’ve tried to cook, but to be honest I’ve had no real interest in it, that is, until recently. Just a week or two ago, I attempted an Indian dish,chicken vindaloo, and for the first time, it was not only a success, but I actually had a lot of fun in the process. It was like a sudden breakthrough.

After this epiphany, I’ve been thinking about cooking in an entirely different light. Maybe it didn’t always have to be boring. Could cooking be an adventure just like travel?

Next Food TV Star??

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Feasting in Stivan, Croatia.

Day 11: BootsnAll Indie Travel Project

Today’s Topic: FeastFor some of us, food isn’t just a part of our travels, it’s the reason why we travel. Whether you travel the globe to try new foods and use food to form a deeper connection with the culture or just eat to live, food plays a big part in the travel experience. Share a food-related story from your travels or describe your best meal.

I have had some amazing meals while traveling the globe. In Brussels, it was moules and frites by an open fire in chilly December, along with beer, chocolate, and waffles. In Italy, it was a pizza place in Trastevere that served beer in personal kegs, followed by a dessert of gelato. In Ireland, it’s milk and butter with anything or curry cheese chips. Scotland: the meat pies and mulled wine. France: the Nutella crepes sold on the streets. Fiji: anything with curry served in a roti. Maine: lobster. Germany: the beer, pretzels, and spaetzle noodles. Spain: chocolate con churros. I could go on forever.

However, the best meal I’ve had while traveling, didn’t have as much to do with the food, as it did with where I was and who I was with.
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