Vacation Songs

Every trip has a song. Either it’s a song that follows you throughout your vacation, or one that just reminds you of the trip. Usually, when I return home, I listen to this song non-stop to remind me of my travels. Here are a few of my past trip songs:

December 2009: Starstrukk, 3OH!3 and Katy Perry

Summer 2010: DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love, Usher and Pitbull

November 2010: Barbara Streisand, Duck Sauce

April 2011: Danza Kuduro, Don Omar and Lucenzo

This trip to Southeast Asia it’s Glad You Came by The Wanted. Even the video screams summer vacation. This isn’t a song we heard while we were away, but it’s a song my cousin, Michelle, played for me on the beach. Now it’s a song that will forever remind me of Thailand and Vietnam.

Summer Journey Play List

New Zealand mountain roads

Summer is the ideal time for getting away, whether you’re traveling by train, plane, boat, or automobile, one thing is certain – a play list is a necessity. From many road trips with my friend, Lara, around the U.S. to navigating the back roads in New Zealand with my cousin, Michelle, to 2.5 hour flights to Miami or 21 hour flights to New Zealand,my i Pod has helped me along the way. No matter what layovers or delays came my way, I was prepared and content because of my music. This is why I’ve complied a list of a few of my favorite songs for traveling.
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