Capturing Colour.

Color is what makes this world that we live in a magical place. From the way the sun reflects on the ocean or colors the sky during sunrise and sunset to the colors of the landscapes that surround us or the people that live here, there’s no shortage of color offered to us by nature here on Earth.

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South Street Seaport and the Brooklyn Bridge.

There’s lots to see in the city that never sleeps, but one of my favorite areas is South Street Seaport. Not only does it feel miles away from Mid-Town, but it also seems to take you a step back in … Continue reading

The Quotes of Washington DC.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this past week, the 8th grade students at my school took their yearly trip to Washington DC. While we spent plenty of time walking around the city, visiting each site of importance, what I was most struck by was the amount of quotes that seem to decorate the city.

Below, I have shared with you a few of my favorite quotations from around the city. Not only do these quotes have special meaning to me, but they also seem to bring the city of Washington DC to life with voices that so clearly echo from the past.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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Our Nation’s Capital: A Photo Essay.

Capitol Building.

Each year, the 8th graders at my school visit Washington DC, and for the past two years, I have been lucky enough to tag along as a chaperone. With each trip, I am reminded just how beautiful the capital city … Continue reading

The High Line, NYC.

The High Line in Manhattan is one of my favorite parks in the world, and this weekend, I was lucky enough to visit it twice, both times taking people who’ve never been before. This above ground park is built into a historic freight rail line and runs up along the West Side of Manhattan from Gansevoort Street, in the Meatpacking District, up to West 30th Street.

Train Tracks and Plants.

Train Tracks and Plants.

It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon walking along the Hudson River or lounging on the lawn absorbing some vitamin D. Whatever your plans, there’s plenty to do above the city, with several food vendors and much to see, including several pieces of artwork. Plus, it’s always great to get a different perspective on the city, especially if you need a break from the hustle and bustle that much of New York offers.
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My Next Adventure: Scuba Certification.

In all honesty, I am not the ocean’s biggest fan. Sure, I’ll snorkel, go banana boating, and float around for a while, but each time all I am thinking about is what lurks beneath. So I’ve found, that as I get older, I’m much more content with my feet in the sand and a drink in my hand.



That being said, scuba diving is something I have always wanted to try, and as much as I fear the ocean, along with the creatures that live in it, I am completely intrigued by the world that lives below the surface. Which is why, I have decided to start my scuba certification.

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Wandering the West Village.

Growing up just outside of New York City, I have been blessed with having the world at my fingertips. My parents, who grew up in the City, would constantly bring us in for events or shows, or just because. In high school, I would make my way into the city with friends for nights out or days exploring. So, it made perfect sense that it is also where I would attend college. Years later, it is still a place that I am deeply in love with.

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5 Brunch Spots Not to Miss in NYC.

In honor of the weekend, I’ve decided to dedicate my post to something New York City does better than anywhere else – brunch. With unlimited cocktails, creative menus, and time to bond with friends, there’s no better way to spend your Saturday or Sunday morning.

While there are plenty of places to enjoy brunch up and down the island of Manhattan, here are five places that should not be missed.

Obviously the drinks are the most important part of brunch. Paradou, September 2009.

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How to See Chicago Like a Local.

Chicago is one city in America that I had always wanted to visit. I finally got that opportunity over the past Labor Day weekend. Lucky for me, I also had a place to stay in the Windy City, which meant the trip would be extremely affordable. This also meant that Lara and I got to see a completely different side of Chicago: that of a local. Here’s my advice for seeing the city as a local would, since that’s exactly how I spent my three days.
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As I posted earlier this week, A Perfect Holiday Weekend in America, Lara and I are planning an adventure for Labor Day weekend. Right now, we are still planning, we’re always very last minute, but we are trying really hard for Chicago. Lara has been there before, but this is one place I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. This time of year is perfect to visit the Windy City, so I’m hoping that it all works out.

After talking to her about booking, I immediately went to my i-Tunes and started listening to Sufjan Steven‘s Chicago. Lara and I have been listening to Sufjan for years, and he always reminds me of college, where Lara and I first began our obsession. This song has also always been one of my favorites, and since it’s titled Chicago, I thought it was appropriate to listen to while planning a trip there.

I’m posting the song for you to listen to while we figure out if that’s where we’ll be headed. I’ll keep you updated!