South Street Seaport and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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North Island Adventures.

One of the greatest adventures I have had in my lifetime occurred while traveling on the North Island of New Zealand almost three years ago. My cousin, Michelle, who is from Ireland, was spending her summer vacation traveling between Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, and I decided to join her on the last leg of her trip. It would be an experience that would bind us together as sisters from day one.

Self-portrait with Huka Falls.

Self-portrait with Huka Falls.

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Discovering Music Abroad.

Along with traveling and writing, I am extremely passionate about music, which is why while I am traveling, I love to listen to the radio and the music playing at restaurants and bars. And, over the years, I have developed quite collection of music from around the world.

I hate to limit myself by just listening to what’s here in the States because the world has so much to offer. Even while I’m home, I constantly bother my cousins in Ireland and ask them to send me the latest musicians and songs that are out in the UK. But, often the best discoveries are made while traveling the world, and my most recent discovery happened this past week in Aruba.
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Best of Brussels.

Chocolate, beer, waffles, french fries and mussels. What more could one ask for in a city? In my eyes, Brussels was absolutely perfect. Three years ago, my best friend, Lara, and I stopped over in the Belgian city to visit friends on our way from Dublin to Amsterdam. What I didn’t realize at the time was how quickly I’d fall in love with the city.

Brussels was never on my list of places to visit. I thought maybe one day I’d get there, but it wasn’t a priority. So, when Lara mentioned she had friends living there, it became the perfect stopping point before moving on to Amsterdam. I had no expectations, which is maybe what made everything about the trip so memorable.

While we may have only spent about twenty-four hours in the city, on very little sleep, we tried to experience it to the fullest extent, and we made sure to experience what I like to call the best of Brussels.

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Drink. Drank. Drunk.

Day 20: BootsnAll Indie Travel Project

Today’s prompt: DrinkJust as the cuisine of a place reveals clues about its culture and history, so does its signature local drink. What’s the best drink you had on the road, and did the drink have any connection to the place where you drank it or the people you drank with?


Beer: it’s my drink of choice on the road. Actually, it’s often what I look forward to. One of my favorite aspects of traveling would have to be sampling local beer. Plus, you can have a cocktail anywhere around the world, but most of the beers I’ve had on my excursions aren’t available in the States. This makes them even more appealing.
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How to See Chicago Like a Local.

Chicago is one city in America that I had always wanted to visit. I finally got that opportunity over the past Labor Day weekend. Lucky for me, I also had a place to stay in the Windy City, which meant the trip would be extremely affordable. This also meant that Lara and I got to see a completely different side of Chicago: that of a local. Here’s my advice for seeing the city as a local would, since that’s exactly how I spent my three days.
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Mui Ne

I finally fell in love with Vietnam, far, far away from Ho Chi Minh City in a small, fishing village called Mui Ne.  It’s serene and tropical, the perfect get-away from city life.

Our hotel, Pandanus Resort, sits above the town, about a ten minute drive away. The rooms are clean and simple, just what you’d want for a beach resort. The pool is huge, and it sits overlooking the South China Sea.  While the beach isn’t the nicest, the pool makes up for what it lacks.


Each night we were here, we ate at Sankara, a trendy restaurant and beach club. You sit overlooking the sea, while dining on some of the best food we’ve had in Vietnam.  The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere feels as though you’ve been transported to Miami.

We spent our nights at Jibe’s, a wind-surfing club at night turned beach bar by day. Even though it is low season, we managed to befriend three guys, Canadian, English, and Welsh, who met each other while traveling Asia. The next night we met two Irish girls who were traveling down Vietnam from Laos. It was nice to finally meet other travelers to share tips and stories of our travels.

Now we are off to Nha Trang, which is exciting, though I’m going to miss it here. We plan on stopping here again on our way back to HCMC.