Lunch in Greece.

Greece is a country that I have been wanting to visit for years. The history, culture, and food are all interesting to me, and the scenery is simply stunning. While Greece is not yet on my travel itinerary, I do plan on visiting the country one day in the future. But, for now, I enjoyed a taste of Greece during my lunch break.

Every Friday, a couple of us go out to lunch, usually picking an ethnic restaurant close to work. But, this week, my friend, Diana, asked me if I’d like to go with her to the Greek festival that was being held a few towns away. I eagerly jumped at the opportunity.

We went inside the Greek Orthodox church and headed upstairs where there was an auditorium. There we had a variety of food to choose from, but we both decided on pork souvlaki, along with Greek salad. Then, we headed outside for a spot under the sun to enjoy our lunch. There was Greek music and people speaking in Greek while setting up for the night’s upcoming festivities. It was nice to feel immediately transported to another country, especially while on a lunch break from work.

After devouring the food and completely cleaning our plates, we headed back inside for dessert, baklava, another favorite. While instead the building, we stopped in to see the actual church itself. Diana’s family is from Greece, so she grew up going to the church, but it was my first experience. I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was.

After roaming around a bit more, we headed back on our merry way to work, and enjoyed our baklava in my classroom before our students arrived ready for class. It may not have been a real getaway, but it was a long enough break to help us get through the last few hours of our work day, and that alone made it a trip that was truly worth it.

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6 thoughts on “Lunch in Greece.

  1. Greece is number one on my travel list… but I’m waiting for things to settle down with their economy before going there. I don’t want to inadvertantly get caught up in some riot or demonstration.

    • I don’t blame you, definitely don’t want to get caught up in anything. I am headed to Egypt this summer, and things are a bit crazy there now with elections and all. Hoping it calms down by August! 🙂

  2. It’s great to take advantages of various ethnic neighborhoods or towns if you live in a place that have them. Nice lunch idea!

    In Chicago, I love going to the Indian/Pakistani neighborhood. Even though parking meters, street signs, buildings etc. look familiar there, the crowds and the food & spice shops make me feel like I’m truly miles and miles away from Chicago. I wish we had a bigger Little Italy, more reminiscent of those in NYC or Boston. Id’ be there non-stop! 🙂

    • I don’t think I’ve been to the Indian/Pakistani neighborhood in Chicago, but I’ll have to visit on my next trip out there. I did visit Pilsen, which I really loved. We went to this Mexican restaurant and I felt truly transported to Mexico – it was so authentic.

      It’s so much easier to get through a long work day when you can escape a little through your meal. 🙂

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