What I Loved About Aruba: Top 5.

It wasn’t hard to fall in love with Aruba: warm temperatures, cool breezes, swaying palm trees, and turquoise waters. Everyone was friendly, and I loved that people from all over the world seemed to flock to this beautiful island. That, of course, made me fall in love with the country even more, and of all the islands I have visited, this one would have to be my favorite.

Of course, I love it here!

Of course, I love it here!

While I loved everything about Aruba, there were 5 things that I loved the most about the island.


Who doesn’t love a good sunset; the sun slowly setting over the ocean and the beautiful colors that follow? Luckily, in Aruba, the resorts are positioned on the beach in a location that makes them ideal for watching the sun go down, and each night, the colors seemed to get better and more colorful.


Dinner on the beach at Simply Fish.

Dinner on the beach at Simply Fish.

While more expensive than most places I have traveled to, the food here was amazing. The best part is that all of the restaurants are located in convenient areas and allow you to leave the comfort of your resort and explore the island a little more. While there we ate at Simply Fish, Salt & Pepper, Tango Argentine Grill, Madame Janette, and Iguana Cantina. All of these places were wonderful, the food was delicious and at each place we were able to eat outside and enjoy the warm weather. I’d also suggest trying a pastiches, traditional Aruban food, which is very is very similar to an empanada.


Balashi Beer.

Balashi Beer.

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing beer while laying out on the beach, and a new country means a sampling of new beer, one of my favorite things to try on the road. While we loved Balashi, Aruba’s national beer, our favorite was Amstel Bright. It was the perfect beer for the tropics.

The Sea

Floating away.

Floating away.

In Fiji, the water was too rough and there was too much coral. In Mexico, the water was filled with ugly sandbags to protect the beaches during hurricane season. But, in Aruba, the water was just right. The temperature was perfect, cool enough to refresh you after a day in the hot sun, yet warm enough to be comfortable lounging in the water all day. One day, we decided to rent a raft for five dollars, and it was the ideal way to relax and enjoy our vacation.

The Holiday Inn

We loved it here.

We loved it here.

There are plenty of hotels to choose from on the island, and I am sure each is great in its own way, but I found The Holiday Inn to have everything we needed and more. To start, the price was ideal, especially when visiting an island that is known for being expensive, and the location was also convenient, with shops and restaurants just across the street or along the beach. The beach was the perfect size and the hotel lets you rent your beach huts the day before, which adds to the convenience.

Aruba is a country I will definitely visit again, and it’s because there’s a lot more to see and do than what I have listed above. It truly is an island like no other.

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