Discovering Music Abroad.

Along with traveling and writing, I am extremely passionate about music, which is why while I am traveling, I love to listen to the radio and the music playing at restaurants and bars. And, over the years, I have developed quite collection of music from around the world.

I hate to limit myself by just listening to what’s here in the States because the world has so much to offer. Even while I’m home, I constantly bother my cousins in Ireland and ask them to send me the latest musicians and songs that are out in the UK. But, often the best discoveries are made while traveling the world, and my most recent discovery happened this past week in Aruba.

After dinner on the beach, Diana and I decided to head to MooMba Beach. It was there that we fell in love with the Brazilian song Balada Boa by Gusttavo Lima. As soon as we heard it, we looked at each other and knew we just had to ask the bartender for the name. She was kind enough to not only look up the name for us, but she also wrote it down. Then, as soon as we were back in the room, we began listening and have been hooked ever since.

Music can enhance travel in many ways, but in my mind, it brings a country and its people to life. For me, this is exactly what this song does, along with reminding me what a wonderful time I had to Aruba.

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