Aruban Fears.

When mentioning that we were headed to Aruba for spring break, Diana and I received our fair share of warnings: “Be careful, girls,” “Don’t separate from each other,” or the simple, “Just stay safe.”  I realize that this island has had quite a deal of controversy surrounding it, but what happened here could have happened just about anywhere in the world. 


ocean view

I understand why people give warnings to those while traveling, but how unsafe is traveling compared to every day life? 

I’ve expressed my concerns about this issue many times, and I stay strong in my belief that you are only in as much danger as you put yourself in. Sure, travel adds increased risk over shorter periods of time, but anything can happen anywhere, whether you are home or abroad.

So far, I have found Aruba to be beyond safe. The people are wonderful and friendly, and not once have I felt unsafe or in danger.
However, I do have one growing fear of this island in the Caribbean, and that is of the sun. I had my fair warning about the strength of the sun here, but I completely underestimated its power. On day one, even with reapplying spf 100, I received the worst sunburn in recent memory.  I never take the sun lightly, always wearing sunscreen, not always spf 100, and taking the precautions needed to ensure my light skin does not burn. But, unfortunately, the sun won this battle over my body, and for the rest of the vacation, I have had a fear of the sun here in Aruba.



So, while I may not have the fears of my worried friends and family back at home, my fear of the Aruban sun is enough to keep me in the shade of my beach hut for the majority of my trip. Though today, I think I will face my fears and brave it one last time.  


2 thoughts on “Aruban Fears.

  1. I hate it when people say stuff like that about foreign countries being “dangerous.” Have you seen all of the crime that goes on here?!

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