The Worst Traveler Ever?

I was born to travel. I am a person who can adapt easily to change; from a change in cultures to travel plans, I realize that travel isn’t always reliable. I also have great people skills; whether it is asking strangers for help or making new friends, this is one of my strongest attributes. And, I have a thirst for knowledge; I’m extremely inquisitive in all things, but especially about different cultures and countries. All of these characteristics lend to my ability to pick up and travel the world with relative ease.


Savvy Traveler?

But, after seven months or so off the road, I have seemed to have lost my magical touch. I know, I am not the worst traveler ever, but to everyone that surrounded me Tuesday morning, that is exactly as I appeared.

Now, this isn’t to say that the skills above were suddenly lost, but in a series of events, I went from the best traveler I’ve known to one that was apparently clueless about all things travel.

To start, while going through security, the alarms went off, and I realized that I left my cell phone in the back pocket of my jeans. After returning to put it through security, I passed through the detectors with ease. Thinking this was the end of my problems, I attributed my absent-mindedness to lack of sleep and laughed it off.

Until, the TSA officer lifted up my red carry-on and asked if it was mine. Apparently, I also left my water bottle in the bag. Embarrassed, I grabbed my belongings and headed over to the side to have my bag checked, which was fine until another TSA officer and my friend, Diana, called my name. This time, it was because I left my cell phone at the security check. It was at this point, in a matter of five minutes that I began to feel like the worst traveler ever. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there.

When we finally boarded the plane, I had to find a space for my carry-on, which apparently annoyed everyone on the plane. The woman walking behind me rolled her eyes and sighed, even though I was just a few rows behind my seat. Then when I lifted up my bag to put it in place, the stewardess grabbed hold to help me with it. I let go for a second to get out of her way, and she began to yell at me telling me, “Not to just stand there and look pretty.” I attempted an apology, but at that point, it seemed too late, the woman hated me. Then, the annoyed woman behind me, barked at me to move to the side so she could finally get to her seat.

When I finally got to my seat after being berated several times, I felt completely defeated. If this was how the trip was starting, I was worried to see what the rest of vacation had in store for me.

Luckily, after that quick hour and a half flight to North Carolina and a tequila sunrise during our layover,everything started to look up. Aside from several air travel incidents, Aruba has been absolutely perfect since day one. And, even though I seemed to have an off day traveling, I know that I am not the worst traveler in the world.


Tequila Sunrises (photo by Diana)


9 thoughts on “The Worst Traveler Ever?

  1. Don’t worry, I don’t think you really went from best to worst. Just better than average to slightly worse than average. Don’t be too hard on yourself – we all have off days. I think the other people were the real problem anyways 😉

  2. We’ve all been there, Erin. Some trips are brilliant start to finish and other times you find a misstep or two has you wondering, ‘what happened?’ But at least there was a tequila sunrise to restore a little order to the chaos. 🙂

    Happy traveling!

  3. Every trip involves a little turbulence, I guess. Some more than others. (PS: The stewardess sounds like a bitter old queen who needs to find a new career.)

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