One Way Ticket to Africa.

This weekend, I finally booked my flight to Africa, and my first one way flight ever. Even though I know my approximate return time, it was quite liberating to purchase a one way ticket to somewhere new and exotic.

My flight leads me to Johannesburg, South Africa, and then I have one more flight up to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. From there, I will join a tour from Victoria Falls through Botswana, Namibia, and back down to South Africa.

Then I will spend a few days in Cape Town – climbing Table Mountain, visiting Cape Good Hope, and swimming with Great White sharks. After a few days, the plan, as of now, is to fly up to Dubai in The United Arab Emirates for a few days. Then book a flight home that connects in Cairo, Egypt, with enough layover time to do a bit of exploring and see the pyramids.

Aside from the one way ticket to Africa and the tour back down to Cape Town, nothing is exactly written in stone, but now that everything is finally beginning to come together, I couldn’t be more excited for the adventure that lies ahead.

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