Just to Get Away.

Normally, I travel for adventure. I travel for cultural experiences. I travel to meet new people from all over the world. This is what I am most passionate about, and what has made me fall so deeply in love with travel and the world. But, sometimes, even the traveler just needs to get away from it all.



Many people think that teachers have an easy life. But, that just isn’t the case, especially if that teacher happens to be running a travel blog on the side. As a seventh grade language arts teacher, many hours of my weeks are flooded with planning lessons, grading essays, reading young adult novels, reviewing my students’ personal blogs, grading tests and quizzes, e-mailing parents, writing up reports…the list can honestly go on and on. Every year, as April rolls around, and I am completely burnt-out. My creativity is lacking, I’m mentally and physically exhausted, and my frustration level is at an all-time high. Nothing is more necessary than a getaway.

For years, I spent April break catching up on sleep and relaxing at home. Until last year, Diana, a teacher that I work with, suggested getting away for the week, and after some deal-hunting, we resolved to take a cruise to The Bahamas out of Miami. It was just the vacation we needed to get back and finish up the last few months of school. Plus, the memories made on the trip kept us in good spirits.

This year, it looked like we would be headed in separate directions, each planning to travel with different people. And, when things didn’t work out based on expenses, we both thought we’d be spending our week off home. Until just last week, Diana spotted the perfect deal…so, off to Aruba we would head.

What am I looking forward to the most during that week away? Doing absolutely nothing! We do plan on exploring the island, but we also just can’t wait to lie on the beach with a good book and a cold beverage. I know, I will experience Aruba the way a traveler would, but I plan on really relaxing and leaving the majority of the adventures for my summer in Africa – when the school year is nothing more than a distant memory.

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