Wandering the West Village.

Growing up just outside of New York City, I have been blessed with having the world at my fingertips. My parents, who grew up in the City, would constantly bring us in for events or shows, or just because. In high school, I would make my way into the city with friends for nights out or days exploring. So, it made perfect sense that it is also where I would attend college. Years later, it is still a place that I am deeply in love with.

I have always had a deep love and appreciation for this city that I call home, but even living in close distance, I sometimes take it for granted. However, in keeping with my resolution for 2012, to live my daily life as a travel day, I have been making more of an effort to venture into the City. And, the other night, I headed to one of my favorite areas…The West Village.

While I love the West Village in general, my favorite street to wander down would have to be Bleeker Street. There are plenty of stores to window shop at, from Burberry to Marc Jacobs. But, the major draw on this street is Magnolia Bakery. Normally, there’s a line, out the door, of people eager to get a hand on their delicious cupcakes. I always head right to the self-serve station on the side to pick out two simple cupcakes. Then, I head across the street to find a bench and dig in to the delicious dessert. It is the perfect balance of cake and frosting; happiness in food form.

The tree-lined streets and brownstones in this area are also the perfect escape from typical city hustle and bustle. I know where I’m going in the city, but I usually prefer to wander up and down the streets losing myself in the process. This is also the time when some of the best discoveries are made, and that’s exactly what happened the other night.

The plan was to head to a nearby Middle-Eastern restaurant, but upon arrival, we realized that the restaurant was small with only counter seating. Wanting to sit for a while at dinner and enjoy drinks, we decided instead to head a restaurant we passed on our way to our original destination. The decor was absolutely adorable with a theme of sailing, that it just drew us in; we just had to try it.

Jeffrey’s Grocery, located on Waverly Place, was just what we were looking for: a quiet space to sit and talk after a long work day. After sampling some of their beers and of pork shoulder meatballs, we split the prime rib and king crab legs. The food was outstanding and the atmosphere was absolutely perfect for a spring evening.

After dinner, a walk was absolutely necessary. The area has a different feel in the evening and evokes the feeling of being in an entirely different city. And, even though I have spent a lot of time in New York, it’s always nice to know that wandering the streets can bring about a discovery of a place you’ve never been before.

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