Escape to Eastern Europe.

During my family’s European adventure in 2006, we visited countries in both Western and Eastern Europe: Ireland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy. But, it was the Eastern Europe countries, Croatia and Slovenia, that left me feeling transported to somewhere completely new and unique.

With family in Croatia.

With family in Croatia.

While our time in Slovenia was short-lived, driving through on our way to Croatia, it was enough to see a life different than that of Western Europe. A life of simplicity; a place where small villages surrounded churches and backroads would wind through lush green landscapes. From what I observed, life in Slovenia was serene and relaxed; it was the perfect escape.

I think of Croatia in the same way, an escape from reality, where life is carefree and lived the way it should be. Time is taken to enjoy each and every moment. From the meals around the kitchen table to the beautiful beaches, Croatia is the definition of relaxation and tranquility. It is paradise, and the place I consider to be my favorite in the world.

While I’ve only been to these two countries thus far, in the future I hope to venture to more of Eastern Europe. While it has yet to happen, three countries I am most intrigued by all lie along The Black Sea: Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine. And, even though I am not sure when I will get there, I look forward to the day these countries, and the rest of Eastern Europe, will welcome me in with open arms.

This post is part of BootsnAll’s Indie Travel Challenge 2012.

Week thirteen’s topic: Have you traveled in Eastern Europe? What did you know about the region before visiting? If you haven’t been to Eastern Europe, what country or city appeals to you most as a place to visit? Or, more generally speaking, how much does knowing about the history of a place inspire your future travels?

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