More Gifts for Your Wanderer.

Yesterday, I wrote about gift items under $50 for the traveler in your life. Today, I will give you a few more gift ideas, if you are looking to spend over $50 on that special someone.

To inspire your traveling loved one, look no further than the Jettsetter Bon Voyage gift set . Since it was created by Jetsetter, the members-only travel site, it includes a consultation with one of Jetsetter’s travel planners. This planner creates an itinerary for the traveler, and a booking specialist at Jetsetter will complete the reservation. Also included in the book, a travel journal. All of which, makes this the gift that keeps on giving.

I can’t think of anything better than peace and quiet while in transit. This especially rings true for air travel. To help make your loved one’s journey an enjoyable one, look no further than Bose noise canceling headphones.
They will block out any distractions, this way your they will be able to rest in peace on the way to their destination, no matter how many screaming babies are on board.

Luggage is always important to a traveler, but the luggage always depends on the purpose of the trip. For the adventurous traveler in your life, I recommend this Wheeled Convertible Carry-on because it’s extremely versatile with a detachable day pack, and wheels. Otherwise, I’d suggest Delsey suitcases for more traditional luggage because they are lightweight and durable.

From guide books and maps to Trip Advisor and translation guides, it’s no secret that the iPad has a multitude of apps useful to the traveler. It also includes a camera, wi-fi, and a notepad, plus it’s significantly smaller than a laptop, making it the clear choice for anyone who also blogs on the road.

Finally, a camera is always a great gift idea, but purchasing one that can be used under extreme conditions is a step ahead of the game. I’d suggest the Nikon AW100 Coolpix or any of the cameras from Oylmpus’ Tough Series. These cameras are not only shockproof and waterproof, but also freeze proof. Since life on the road is often unpredictable, this is the perfect gift for any adventurer in your life.

There are plenty of other gifts out there for your wanderer, but these are ones that I’d add to my Christmas list. They aren’t necessities, but since when are gifts supposed to be necessities? It’s all about getting that special someone something they wouldn’t buy on their own. Which is exactly what makes these gifts the perfect presents.


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