Dreaming of Thailand.

Day 27: BootsnAll Indie Travel Project

Today’s Prompt: WanderlustShare a photo or video that just makes you want to GO. RIGHT. NOW

Chiang Mai.

Thailand is a country I dreamt of visiting for years, for so long that I cannot remember feeling otherwise. This photo, at a temple overlooking the Thai country-side, serves as a constant reminder that my dream became a reality.

As I was touching down in Bangkok, alone in the plane from Hong Kong, the excitement filled up within me. I felt like I was arriving in Disney World for the first time. Finally, I would be fulfilling my dream.

Later that evening, while I walked along Khao San Road, lost and looking for my cousin, friends, and hotel, my life felt right. I wasn’t lost. I wasn’t afraid though it was getting dark. I was the happiest I had felt in months. My entire trip to Thailand was full of moments like these. Pure happiness. It lived up to all of my expectations.

So, while this photo isn’t of a place I long to visit, there are still plenty of those left on my list, it serves as a reminder that anything is possible. That a cousin from Ireland, who I only met for the first time ten years ago, could become my best friend and sister. That my cousin’s Irish friends, who I had only met in the past year, could become the perfect travel companions. That faraway countries aren’t really all that faraway.

Everything that surrounds me, encourages me to travel and makes me want to “go right now.” But, this picture is dear to my heart because it reminds me that there are no boundaries and limits in my life. Any goal I have, any dream I set my sights on, any country I want to visit, is completely possible. These are not just my dreams, they are my realities.


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