The Spirituality of Travel.

Day 19: BootsnAll Indie Travel Project

Today’s prompt: SpiritSome places have the power to make even the most die-hard agnostic reconsider their position. Have you ever been in a place where you felt more alive or more connected to nature, the universe, or a higher power than anywhere else?

Through traveling, I often feel more connected to myself and my spirituality. To start, however, I am not a religious person. I grew up Roman Catholic and even went to Catholic high school and college.

But, my favorite religion classes were those based on other religions. If I couldn’t find what I needed in the religion that I was raised, maybe I could find it in another. I loved the ideas of Hinduism and Buddhism, but there was still something missing.

Still spiritually lost in college, I began to question organized religion and its purpose in my life and in the world. I began to realize that most worldly conflicts had religion as their basis. Without religion, would Palestine and Israel be able to resolve their conflicts? Would there have been the Holocaust? Would there be hate crimes? Would there be suicide bombers? I can’t tell the answer to these questions, all I know is that even though our beliefs are different, we are all one and the same, so why does religion often drive us apart?

Was I atheist? Agnostic? Deist? I had absolutely no idea. Then, three years ago, when someone suggested I should read The Secret, I finally found something I could connect to. I liked the idea of the higher power being not just something floating above us looking down, but instead within us and around us. It was something we could participate in and be a part of because we were born a part of it.

Ever since then, I have felt more spiritual. I meditate, I “pray,” and I appreciate all that surrounds me in the world. I am grateful for what I have and loving to all around me. This is also why I feel most connected to the universe while I am traveling, I have more time to take it all in.

During my time traveling is when I feel most in touch with the universe, but the specific part of that happens to be while I’m actually traveling – whether it be by train, bus, or plane. Though, I’d say, that the most spiritual I am is the closer I am to the heavens. This is why I feel most connected to the universe while coasting the skies in an airplane.

Something happens to me when I am soaring high above it all. I become suddenly inspired, and I am able to look at my life and analyze it. More often than not, I travel by plane alone, which allows me to truly dig deep into my being and do some soul searching.

I slip on my headphones, play some music, and enlightenment seems to come to me immediately. After each plane ride, I have endless notes on napkins or notepads. More recently, I’ve been able to write down my thoughts on my Nook, which helps at least organize my ideas. I’ve gotten over relationships and been inspired by people I’ve met. For some reason, I receive all the clarity I need at that moment. Everything is wiped clear, and when I land at my destination, I am allowed to start over.

I guess it is all a little ironic that I feel more spiritual the closer I am to the heavens, but when looking down on the world from 40,000 ft in the air, life is at its simplest. Plus, soaring through the clouds and watching sunsets from the sky gives one a feeling that there’s more to this life than we may ever really know.


4 thoughts on “The Spirituality of Travel.

  1. I agree that traveling somehow connects myself to the greater power out there whatever you call it also the big beautiful energy of the nature. Traveling lets me understand and appreciate more of what I used to take for granted…

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