Budget? What Budget?

Day 18: BootsnAll Indie Travel Project

Today’s prompt: BudgetEvery traveler has a budget; for some it just might be higher of lower than for others. What’s your style? What do you spend very little on and what are you always willing to pay more for?

"Can't you see I'm too busy relaxing to worry about money?"

The word budget makes me cringe. Remember, I’m a language arts teacher, I like words, not numbers. Which is exactly why my trips never seem to have a budget. Should they? Of course! But, I can’t seem to wrap my head around it all.

When I travel during the summer months, I am not receiving a paycheck, I get paid only the 10 months I work, so I rely only on my tax return check and whatever I’ve saved. Usually when I return from my travels, I can’t afford to do anything until I get paid again in September. Probably not the best method, but it has worked the past two summers.

Either way, I never seem to have too much trouble when it comes to money while I’m away. But, the one thing I won’t sacrifice is the cleanliness of where I am sleeping. For me, it is always worth spending a little bit more on accommodations. I realize this changes when you are traveling for extended periods of time, but with my longest trip away from home being 4-weeks, I could afford to splurge just a bit to get a good night sleep.

While it’s important to budget, I also think it’s important to not worry too much about money. This is usually easier said than done, but to truly enjoy the place you are visiting, you may have to spend a little more than you bargained for to get the true experience. And, even if you don’t have the money, just being in the country and meeting people who live there is often enlightening enough, and that doesn’t cost a cent.


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