An Infatuation with Edinburgh.

Day 15: BootsnAll Indie Travel Project

Today’s prompt: City What is your favorite (or least favorite) city and what do you love (or hate) about it?

Edinburgh feels like a city out of the pages of a story book. And, it’s easy to see how it inspired J.K. Rowling when she wrote Harry Potter from the Elephant House. Between the winding cobblestone roads, small closes between buildings, a castle high above it all, and snow-capped mountains in the background, the city is as picturesque as they come.

The holiday season brings more magic with the arrival and celebration of Hogmanay. I was lucky enough to ring in 2011 here, and these are just a few of the reasons I fell in love with Edinburgh:

Christmas Markets and outdoor ice skating

The views from the Sir Walter Scott Tower

Curry chips – An old favorite of mine

Lively nightlife – Who needs sleep?

The beautiful Edinburgh Castle

A procession with torches – Wait, what year are we ringing in?

A street party to celebrate New Year’s Eve

The constant eruption of fireworks

And, it’s the birthplace of Harry Potter!
(Which, I’ve also never read…)

Of all the places I’ve seen and cities I’ve visited, I’d have to say that Edinburgh is my favorite. Maybe, it was just the magic of the season or excessive mulled wine to keep warm, but I’d like to think that it holds that power all year round.


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