In Tune with the Earth in New Zealand.

Day 10: BootsnAll Indie Travel Project

Today’s Topic: EARTHAt what point in your travels have you felt most in tune with the Earth? Share a story of how you interacted with the local environment or nature.

New Zealand is a country where it’s easy to fall in tune with nature. The views surrounding you at all points are breath-taking, even in the cities. The color of the water is a crisp, cool aqua, the hills take on shapes that are unearthly, and the colors are too perfect: the grass too green, the sky too blue. New Zealand feels like another planet entirely, which is the most distinguishing part of it’s beauty.

While every day I spent in the country seemed to bring me closer to nature, the day that I felt completely in tune with the Earth is when my cousin, Michelle, and I drove through the Rangipo Desert on the Desert Road.

Mt. Ruapehu

Mount Tongariro, Mount Ngauruhoe, and Mount Ruapehu, three active volcanoes, can be viewed from a variety of angles and the views from the look out points along the road are pure magic.

We stopped at a look out point to soak up the beauty that nature was surrounding us with. Since it was winter, and the road was often closed due to snow, it gave the desert a peaceful feeling, one that nature intended this place to have.

Mt. Ngauruhoe

After a few photos, we sat on a bench and sat in awe of what was around us. Snow-capped mountains, a desert full of brown, grassy plants, a clear blue sky, and complete silence. We felt at one with the world.

The mountains soared into the sky, connecting at points to clouds, and there seemed to be no barrier between them and the heavens. The desert stretched out for miles, with no end in sight. We were in the midst of it all, and no one else was around.

Mt. Ngauruhoe and Mt. Tongariro

And it was there, in a New Zealand desert, set in a conflicting environment of snow-capped mountains and dry desert plants in complete solitude that I, for the first time, felt in tune with the Earth.


4 thoughts on “In Tune with the Earth in New Zealand.

  1. Great post about New Zealand Erin! My grandparents live in Taumarunui which is very close to here (you might have even driven through it!) and we always go for a drive to see the mountains when we visit them. I really want to do the Tongariro Crossing but last time we were there the weather was so bad you couldn’t even see half way up the mountains! I will look forward to reading your other posts in this series 🙂

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