Beauty: Inspired by Travel.

While travel is my first love, I also love to shop, specifically in regards to make-up and beauty. Set me free in Sephora or Ulta, and I’m lost for hours, finding multiple uses for a million different products.

For me, however, happiness is found when I come across a product that blends my two passions – travel and beauty. When I’ve run out of money to buy plane tickets, and I’m feeling antsy to get away, it just takes one of these to brighten up my mood, while also giving me inspiration on where to head next.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Escada (1)
Often, certain smells trigger memories that we have – of a loved one, a special place, or a time in our life. Which is why I love Escada’s perfume that has been inspired by different regions and countries around the world. In the past, I used to wear Ibiza Hippie and Pacific Paradise. But, right now, I am loving their most recent scent, Taj Sunset, inspired by India. Put some on, and you’ll be instantly transported to the laid-back beaches of Goa. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no other place I’d rather be.

Stila (2)
Stila is one of my favorite brands for make-up. While I am a fan of all of their products, I’m always inspired to get on the road by their
Wish You Were Here Travel Palettes. These palettes are not only adorable and convenient for travel, but each palette also contains four eye shadows, a cheek color and a bronzer/highlighter inspired by a choosen location. Each month a different palette is released, and with names like, Wonderful in Waikiki and Trendsetting in Tokoyo, it’s hard not to buy each one. Especially, at $14 a piece!

OPI (3)
Walk into any nail salon, and you’ll see OPI lining the shelves. It’s a reliable product with fashionable colors for each season. It is also a brand that names it’s collections after countries, with clever names to match. Currently, the collection for Fall/Winter is Touring America, which has colors such as French Quarter for Your Thoughts and A-Taupe the Space Needle. Past collections have included Texas (Spring/Summer 2011), Swiss (Fall/Winter 2010), Hong Kong (Spring 2010), Spanish (Fall/Winter 2009), India (Spring/Summer 2008), and Le Collection de France (Fall/Winter 2008). With great colors and clever names, it’s amazing how far in the world a nail color can take you.

Essie (4)
Essie, another salon-popular nail polish brand, always has travel-inspired nail polish names. While their entire collections aren’t travel-based, like OPI’s, their nail polish names often evoke feelings of lying on a tropical beach somewhere far from home. Some of my favorites include, Turquoise & Caicos, Bahama Mama, Island Hopping, Braziliant, Sand Tropez, Fiji, Jamaica Me Crazy, and Miami Nice . Nothing picks up a cold winter day like giving your hands and feet a tropical vacation.

Philosophy (5)
Philosophy is a brand that I always make sure to stock up on. Their products have a long-lasting scent, and can be used as bubble bath, shower gel, and shampoo. While I love the seasonal scents they carry each year, two of my favorite travel sets are Greetings from Cabo and Aloha Girl . Both instantly transport you to the tropics. They are sure to give your mind a vacation when you are stuck at home instead of traveling.

These beauty products are exactly what I need to get myself out of my everyday routines and back to thinking about travel. With the extra boost from their daily use, I am inspired about where to head next and motivated to save for my next journey anywhere far from home.


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