Five Travel Romance Movies.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about travel romance. And, I still can’t help but think about the person I met, even though it’s been almost three months. While it’s easier to not think about him every day, I occasionally think of what could have happened had we had more time together. What if I didn’t have to leave when I did? What if I stayed and traveled with him? This was something I couldn’t have done at the time, so there’s no point in what-ifs, but I still think about it. What can I say, as you’re well-aware at this point, I’m a hopeless romantic. I fall head-over-heels instantly, and there’s no helping me from there.

But, I realize that it’s not just me. The world we live in has convinced us that we can go away to a foreign country and fall in love. In my post about travel romance, I blamed Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, but the other night, while flipping through channels, I realized it’s on a much greater level than just that. Under the Tuscan Sun was on, and that’s when it hit me. It’s not just Gilbert, it’s the entire planet screaming it in our faces that it’s completely normal, acceptable, and plausible to fall in love in a foreign country with a beautiful man. Hmph. No wonder I meet someone every time I travel…

Under the Tuscan Sun
When Frances’ relationship falls apart, her friends send her on a trip to Tuscany. Here she buys a house and tries to piece her life back together. Of course, there are some bumps in the road, but it all works out in the end. By the way, it’s almost worth watching it just to look at Marcello.

Eat, Pray, Love
I’ll admit that I haven’t seen this film. I refuse to because reading the book meant so much in my life. Sounds silly, but whenever I’m going through something, I pick it up and open to a random page. Within that page, I usually find the guidance I need. That being said, reading it also helped me pick up and just go travel, so it means a lot to me. Watch the movie or read the book, either way, you’ll want to hop on the next plane out of your normal everyday routines to meet a Felipe of your own.

My Life in Ruins
I’ll be honest, it’s a silly movie, but there’s just something about it that sucks me in every time it’s on. Georgia hits rock bottom and moves to Greece to start her life over. She becomes a tour guide, and everything in her life stills seems to be going downhill. But, of course, she falls in love and it’s Greece, so what’s not romantic about this film?

Before Sunrise
Meeting a hot guy on the train, especially when it’s Ethan Hawke, and following him to spend the day together. Enough said. I’m sold. There’s even a sequel about them meeting years later. Sigh. Think that really can happen?

Summer Holiday
Couldn’t find this one with the subtitles, but I watched this movie on my way to Bangkok. Summer loses her job, boyfriend, apartment, etc. and goes to Malaysia to find her cousin. Instead she finds her cousin’s friend. Much drama ensues and, of course, after some time the two fall in love. You can actually find the entire movie on YouTube, but it’s in Cantonese.

Even just watching these movies makes me want to travel and fall in love with a new country, and a man, all over again. Which is also why I’m currently looking up flights to somewhere exotic right now…


4 thoughts on “Five Travel Romance Movies.

  1. Cute post, keep being a hopeless romantic! And I really enjoyed the movie version of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. It’s definitely no match for the book (which I love too!), but a nice portrayal, and Javier Bardem playing Felipe is worth a look!

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