Balancing Teacher Life and Travel Blogging.

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Traveling and writing are two of my life’s greatest passions. But, a close-runner up is teaching. This is my fifth year as a teacher, and I love bringing the classroom to life each day for my students. However, once September rolls around, my personal goals take a back seat, as I spend the next ten months igniting a passion for writing within my students.

This means that lately, my days have been spent grading papers and planning lessons. This is a far cry from a summer traveling Southeast Asia and blogging about it. The most difficult task, as of late, has been finding the time to blog. As a teacher, it is nearly impossible.

I teach seventh grade language arts, which means there’s a lot for me to grade each week. We have books to read, essays to write, grammar practice, and vocabulary each week to cover, which means most of my free time that I spent blogging has been replaced with grading. This year and last, my students each started their own blogs, which is really exciting and relevant, but it further confirms the amount of time I spend on their writing instead of mine.

My job is not 8-3, it doesn’t even qualify as 9-5. I get to work at seven-thirty and I stay until six. Then when I get home, I continue to work usually until eleven. I even work a good amount of my weekend. I have reports to write, e-mails to parents, grades to update, meetings to attend, extra help to give, lessons to prepare and plan, the list goes on. I also run our school’s community service club and the school newspaper, and I am the grade level leader. And, among all these things to do, blogging falls into the category of lesser important activities.

Which leads me to my latest goal, balancing my teacher life and blogging. But, I’m still not quite sure how to do it.
At the moment, I’m not focused on traveling, so it’s going to be a bit harder for me to keep up a “travel blog.” In looking at my past posts, you can see that I struggle the most with keeping up a blog during the months of September through June. But, this summer I feel that I have come really far, so I don’t want to lose momentum.

Therefore, my goal is to try put aside one day a week to type up a couple of blogs related to travel. Then during the week, I can update and revise the posts and publish them. Now that September is over, I’m hoping that I can get myself together to keep up this blog. We’ll see!

As always, any and all suggestions are definitely welcome!


10 thoughts on “Balancing Teacher Life and Travel Blogging.

  1. Sounds like admirable goals.
    I wish you luck with them.
    I always struggle with goals – I write them down, then the execution seems to fade as does the sun at sunset.
    I hope you are better at it than I!
    John D. Wilson

  2. Erin – I can relate to your post as a former teacher who is currently balancing travel, blogging and a corporate job. It takes discipline and some planning ahead to keep up a blog, and I like your idea of setting aside one day a week. There’s also the option of not sleeping much, but not very recommended… πŸ˜‰

    • Lately, I’ve been choosing the no sleep option, though I feel I may be burning out. Staying up all night writing and then getting up to teach 7th graders how to write isn’t exactly the ideal situation, haha. Now I just have to find a happier balance. πŸ™‚

  3. I think it is also possible that teaching and being busy makes travel that much more enjoyable. Being on the road constantly can cause a traveler to miss unique moments or photographs that they would otherwise notice when a bit more mentally fresh during a month long trip….as opposed to a year long journey.

  4. You are so lucky to have all that time off, even though it sure sounds like you are very busy during the school year! I wish all jobs had a summer break..

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