As I posted earlier this week, A Perfect Holiday Weekend in America, Lara and I are planning an adventure for Labor Day weekend. Right now, we are still planning, we’re always very last minute, but we are trying really hard for Chicago. Lara has been there before, but this is one place I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. This time of year is perfect to visit the Windy City, so I’m hoping that it all works out.

After talking to her about booking, I immediately went to my i-Tunes and started listening to Sufjan Steven‘s Chicago. Lara and I have been listening to Sufjan for years, and he always reminds me of college, where Lara and I first began our obsession. This song has also always been one of my favorites, and since it’s titled Chicago, I thought it was appropriate to listen to while planning a trip there.

I’m posting the song for you to listen to while we figure out if that’s where we’ll be headed. I’ll keep you updated!


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