A Perfect Holiday Weekend in America.

Whenever a holiday weekend arises, Lara, my friend and devoted travel partner, and I decide to hit the road. To us, there’s no better way to spend a long weekend than with a quick road trip somewhere new.

Ready to Goooo!

We find a place that best embodies the holiday, hop in the car, and drive. When we get there, we check out the shopping, call up friends who live in the area, visit some graveyards, historical landmarks, and parks, eat at the first restaurant we stumble upon, venture out and explore the night life, find good coffee the next morning, then do it all again or hop in the car and head somewhere new for the day.

Are we there yet??

We’ve spent Oktoberfest in Massachusetts…

This is how Massachusetts celebrates.

We're not eating them, are we?

"There are so many trees here!"

How "New England" is this house? Could it be any cuter? Seriously.

The weekend before Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts…

Festive decorating is so much cooler when your town was part of a witch hunt!

Hot cider? Don't mind if we do?

Don't feel like spending money on the witch museum? Spend your time in the graveyard for free, looking for Ann Putnam's grave, and pretending to be a zombie.

Memorial Day Weekend, we spent in Boston…not down the shore…

Where we hung out on Castle Island. That's our friend Dom, not a random guy.

Partied at the Waterclub with our friend Fabienne.

Okay, so maybe we did go to the beach too. But, we were still in Massachusetts, which is a long way from the Jersey Shore. Trust me.

and, we headed to the L St. Tavern, which was featured in Good Will Hunting!

Okay, so maybe we didn’t do one patriotic thing in Boston. But, it also wasn’t our first time in the city. Boston has so much to offer, so we took advantage of everything else. Don’t judge us.

Then for Fourth of July we headed to Philadelphia…

Where you can hang out in a graveyard with people who signed the Declaration of Independence!

Did I mention Ben Franklin was there too? Well, he is, which makes this graveyard even better. Be aware, however, that this graveyard has an entry fee...

Then visit Betsy Ross' house! What's more patriotic than visiting where they American flag was created? Nothing!

Eat dinner and drink out of these fancy chalices at City Tavern. It was established in 1773 and was a popular hang out for John Adams.

You can also drink free sangria if you stay at Hotel Palomar: we recommend it!

And, since it is July 4th, head to the concert in the park and light up some sparklers!

All of those have been some pretty memorable holidays, and they didn’t make us broke either. Okay, so now our dilemma: Labor Day is fast approaching, and we need a destination for a road trip. We like to sight-see, hang out in parks, make new friends, and go out at night.

We have four days to work with, so please give us some suggestions of things to do near New York City, or within a three hour drive from there. Once we decide, we’ll head there and blog about our experience along the way.

Thanks!!! Peace and love, Erin and Lara xx


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