5 Must-Haves for a Comfortable Flight.

While sitting on the airplane to Hong Kong in the first leg of my journey, a short sixteen hour flight, I realized that there were several essentials necessary for air travel. Even though I was prepared with almost everything, there are two items on this list that I had to add for my flight back home.

Not everything listed below is needed for everyone, but these would be my top five, especially for lengthy air travel time.

1. Earplugs:
I started my trip reading the latest addition of National Geographic Traveler which, you can assume from previous posts, is favorite of mine. I read a Real Travel article, another by Daisann McLane, about how the writer needed earplugs to travel. While I thought she made a good point, I also thought I was way too young for earplugs, assuming music was good enough for me.
This is until I was on my flight with about a million children, no, I swear, I am not exaggerating, there were literally millions. Now, I have nothing against children or adorable infants for that matter, remember I’m a teacher, however, when they are running around the airplane, playing loud games, and causing a ruckus, that’s another thing. So, I’ve realized bringing earplugs is just common sense. I mean, an i-Pod can only get so loud.

2. Water Bottle:
Now, this is something I always do. Buy the largest bottle of water you can once you go through security screening. You need to stay hydrated during your flight, much more than what you get from the flight attendants. Not that this is their fault, but think about it, how much easier would you make their job by not constantly asking for a refill. I’m actually wishing I brought two for this flight, lesson learned.

3. Socks:
Another item I forgot this trip. The plane was so cold, I couldn’t feel my feet at one point. Cold planes are better than the alternative, that is unless you forgot socks. I actually almost picked up a pair in the airport, but thought they were too ugly…serves me right. It doesn’t matter what they look like, just bring them, your feet will thank you.

4. Your Own Blanket:
Let’s be honest here, airplane blankets are just gross, but desperate times call for desperate measures, my frozen feet for instance. Anyway, I always bring a blanket with me, it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, heck you can even dispose of it at the end of your travels. When you’re cuddled up on your chilly plane, you’ll feel better knowing exactly when that blanket was last washed.

5. Sleeping Mask:
This is probably my favorite item on the list. While it is not always needed, it is if you plan on getting a good sleep while flying. Your new neighbors might want to watch t.v., read, or watch the scenery through the open window, which you can’t do anything about, unless you have a sleeping mask. Just thinking about this combined with ear plugs makes me smile.

With these essentials, you’ll be set to go no matter how long your flight is! Happy flying!


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