Some Perks about Being Back Home

I hate good-byes, everything about them. Even though I crave change, I have separation anxiety when it comes to leaving new friends and new favorite countries I’ve visited. So, to take a positive spin on it, there are several things that I am happy about now that I am home.

First, clean clothes and a better selection of them. My small carry-on was great in terms of traveling all over Thailand and Vietnam, however, I wore all my clothes more than once and washed them in the sink multiple times. By the last week, I barely felt clean anymore. A wardrobe of endless possibilities and clean clothes are one perk of being home.

Second, brushing my teeth with tap water. Brushing your teeth with a water bottle just doesn’t cut it. I think I’ve already brushed my teeth about a million times since I’ve been home; it’s wonderful.

Not having to take malaria pills would be next. It’s not that I mind it terribly, it’s just that it’s inconvenient. Yes, I know that actually getting malaria would be more inconvenient, but it’s just something I don’t want to have to worry about anymore, and in five days, I won’t have to. At least until my next trip.

Finally, a good home cooked meal and salad. While away, I didn’t eat salad, worried I’d pick up something. So the first thing I ate when I arrived in New York was order a salad. It’s so nice to eat something other than rice for a change.

Obviously there are other things that I’m looking forward to, like seeing friends and sharing my pictures and stories. Oh, and planning next year’s trip. And, even though I’m really missing Asia, and my friends, I do have to admit that it’s nice being home.


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