How to Survive a Bus Ride in Vietnam

As I’ve previously stated, traveling within Vietnam isn’t always easy. So, I’ve come up with a few tips to help make the bus ride a little more enjoyable.

1. Wear layers.  Sometimes it is freezing on the bus, while other times it is hot, be prepared by bringing a long sleeve shirt or sweater.

2. Bring snacks. Before you go, stock up on snacks for the ride.  A journey that was supposed to take four hours will most likely take more, and you don’t want to be hungry on top of it. Also, bring water with you, though the buses we’ve been on have provided a bottle, it’s better to make sure you bring on just in case.

3. Take an i-Pod. While it ruins the experience if you listen the entire time, the noises and beeping can be a bit much during the ride.  So, when you’ve had enough, put on your headphones, sit back, and relax (at least try your best to).

Also, try to bear in mind where you are and enjoy the experience. Part of traveling is getting out of your comfort zone, and a Vietnamese bus ride will definitely take care of that.



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