Bus Rides and Mui Ne

After a scary, and long bus ride from Ho Chi Minh, we finally arrived at Pandanus Resort in Mui Ne. It is so wonderful to finally be out of the city and to be away from all the beeping.

Compared to all of the adventures I’ve been on, I would have to say that five and a half hour bus ride was the scariest, at least for the first two hours. It’s hard enough to get around in HCMC, and when you’re in a bus, it’s even more difficult. Then it started to rain, no, downpour. As we drove, the roads began to wash away with the rainfall leaving massive rivers streaming down the sides of the road. Since there are no real lanes on the roads in Vietnam, the bus was all over the road trying to avoid the flooding. Throw in constant beeping, no, not ordinary beeping, but a fancy, musical beep, and we knew immediately that it was going to be a long five and a half hours.

From Vietnam Outdoor Adventure (http://bit.ly/mCO1wK)

But, after a quick and always interesting bathroom break, when you have to go it doesn’t matter if it’s a hole in the ground, the remaining two hours were quieter and more enjoyable. The bus played some comedic Vietnamese programs, while Michelle and I opted for my i-Pod and glancing out at the scenery. When we came close to Mui Ne, we were pleasantly surprised, it was an adorable beach town. Shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels lined the streets, yet it was still quieter and so far from the overwhelming nature of HCMC. A huge smile crossed my face.

We got out of the bus and hopped right in a taxi that took us further out of town to the Pandanus Resort, we really wanted to be away from it all for the next three days. Just a five to ten minute drive later, we were in front of our beautiful hotel.

A few days of rest and relaxation will do us some good. After too much time in the city, we are ready for an ice cold beer, or cocktail, and some serious sun time.


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