Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai

After our relaxing day in Chiang Mai, we were looking for a bit of adventure and decided on tiger petting.   Tiger Kingdom was only twenty minutes from our hotel, so Michelle, Linda, and I decided we would head over.

I was really excited, until we had sign a waiver and could see the tigers in the background, then I realized how dangerous it could be.

But, we stuck with it and visited the small tigers first, only they weren’t that small.  Since they were young, nine months old, they were excitable and were moving around their caged in area.

I entered with apprehension, and the man who worked there stayed with us, even though, at first, it didn’t make me feel too safe. Suddenly, the lazy, big tigers looked more appealing. 

The trainer told us that the animals were safe, as they had been around humans since the time they born, but the younger they were, the more excitable they were.  If approached from the wrong direction, the tigers may believe you wanted to play, which could spell trouble.


We let the trainers take us around to the two young tigers, and we pet them and took several pictures. Still uncomfortable, I kept my distance, but got close enough to get a few photos.

Next, we went to the big tigers, which were my favorite, since they were so tired and lazy.  The three tigers just lay there as we pet their stomachs and cuddled with them.  The pictures we got were amazing, and they were much less intimidating while sleeping. 

Even though I was originally nervous, the workers at Tiger Kingdom do an excellent job with the animals and at making you feel at ease with them. If you’re ever in Chiang Mai, or nearby, Tiger Kingdom is a great place if you’re looking to do something a little on the wild side. 


2 thoughts on “Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai

  1. I’ll be headed up to Chiang Mai in the next couple of days. May need to check this place out, I hope this isn’t anything like the Tiger Temple. Would hate to contribute to an organization that merely exploits the Tigers for profit.

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