Lost in Bangkok and The Sky Bar.

When your taxi driver doesn’t speak a word of English, you know you’re in trouble, except we didn’t know until it was too late.

The plan for the night should have been easy, head to the Lebua at State Tower Hotel to the Sky Bar, which was featured in Hangover 2.   Easier said than done.

From our hotel, down by Khao San Road, we looked for a taxi that knew where The Lebua was with no luck. We headed back to our hotel, where the receptionist at the desk was more than helpful. She didn’t know of the Lebua, but she found someone who did, and he wrote the name for us in Thai.  Then the receptionist took us outside and got us a taxi, all seemed to be going well.

This was, of course, until we were in the city.  Everything seemed fine, and the taxi man seemed to know where he was going.  But then, we started to notice the same shops and restaurants along the way; we were going around in circles.  It was then we asked him if we were near, and he spoke back to us in Thai.  There was no way for us to communicate with each other.  He drove a little further and asked a police officer, and we thought we were back on track. 

We continued down several more streets until we thought we were close, only to turn down one more street and find ourselves right in the center of Bangkok’s red light district.  It was more of a tour than we’d were expecting to see that night. 

We continued to let him drive until we saw the Sofitel, and we let him drop us off.  From there we asked for a cab to the Lebua, and they knew exactly what we were talking about.  Sixty Baht later we had arrived.

Compared to our small, simple hotel this was majestic, and we got star treatment.  After taking the elevator to the sixty-fourth floor, we were lead outside to the bar area. It is easily one of the most beautiful places in all of Bangkok.  Overlooking the sparkling city and the Chao Phraya river, it is also one of the most romantic.  We walked down a set of stairs to the sixty-third floor where the restaurant and hotel’s famous color-changing, circular bar seem to suspend over the city. It is breathtaking in every way.

Image from Agoda.com

We decided to order the Hangover martini, that was created while the movie was being filmed there.  While the ingredients weren’t listed, we took a chance and decided that anything Bradley Copper drank, we’d like too. And, we did. It was one of the best martinis I’ve ever had and it was garnished with a spring of rosemary. Delicious. 

All in all it was worth it for the incredible night out, but in the future, I’d make sure to get into a taxi with someone I could better communicate with. Lesson learned.


4 thoughts on “Lost in Bangkok and The Sky Bar.

  1. Loving the star treatment whenever I visit Bangkok, their services are splendid and I just can’t get enough of food in Thailand. Khoa Sarn road have way too many farangs there 🙂 I usually get my local Thai friend to take me around town.

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