Ho Chi Minh City: First Impressions


We arrived in Ho Chi Minh City this morning from Bangkok and were greeted by quite a crowd outside the airport. It was overwhelming, and we were glad to have booked a taxi from the information desk inside, where it was less hectic. The women at the desk were so helpful and not only called a taxi for us, but they also brought us outside, made sure we were settled, and that the taxi knew exactly where to take us.

Driving was an interesting experience and is something that should be seen to be believed.  There aren’t many traffic lights and traffic just seems to flow. The streets are filled with endless motor bikes that weave in and out of traffic in what seems to be an art. 

Vietnam is exactly like you would picture it, and I was happy not to see McDonald’s or Starbucks, like there were in Bangkok. It gives the city an entirely different feel,  it’s more authentic and makes one feel more immersed into the culture of the country.

When we got to our new accommodations, Hotel Equatorial, we were all so impressed with the grandeur. Not only was the hotel stunning, but the staff was incredibly kind and helpful.  We were excited to find that for just a few dong, the local currency, more we were able to upgrade to VIP amenities, including free wi-fi, access to the VIP lounge, and complimentary cocktails, among other amenities.

Just from my first impressions of the city, I can tell I’m going to like it here. Even though I’m going to miss Thailand, I can’t wait to explore Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of Vietnam.


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