Is It Worth It?

In the stress of packing for my upcoming adventure, I found myself asking why I do it.  I love seeing the world, meeting new people, broadening my understandings of life.  However, everything that comes before traveling can be hard to deal with: making sure bills are in order, packing (which I’ve found especially difficult for this trip), calling the phone and credit card companies…there’s a lot to be done.

So, I took a short break and turned to a favorite article of mine, Lead Us into Temptation, featured in the May-June edition of National Geographic Traveler, written by Daisann McLane

I’m posting three quotes from the article below that reminded me exactly of why I do it. I travel because it is what I love more than anything else. I travel because it allows me to escape, recharge, and reboot. I travel because it allows me to get out of my comfort zone, even if that in itself is a scary process. I travel because it allows me to experience life the way it is meant to be: no inhibitions, no fears, no worries…just living each day fully. 


“I don’t just want to accumulate stuff on my travels – I want to absorb the places I visit, make them a part of me.”

“When we travel, we embark on an intense, highly concentrated version of life itself; we want to grab and hold on to as much as it as we can.  While we can.” 

“On my travels, I become a human version of my banged-up suitcases you see tumbling down onto the baggage-claim belt, suitcases held together with straps and duct tape. I’m overtaken with scents, sights, experiences. Yet I always find room for more.” 


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