Class Trip: Washington D.C.

On Wednesday, I will be leaving to chaperone my school’s 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. We will be there for three full days, and the forecast is hot.

I put together several cute outfits that I plan on wearing while there. These are cute, will keep me cool, and most of all comfortable.

First off, there are several important and essential items:

– Comfortable shoes – I will be wearing my TOMS (3) the entire trip.

– A bag(4)that is large enough to carry an items that you may need while walking around the city. Unfortunately, I will not be seeing my actually luggage until late Wednesday night, so everything I need for the day (sunscreen, change of clothes, water, snacks, lunch, etc.)needs to be in one bag. Longchamp bags can be expensive, however, they fold up easily for storage and fit just about everything comfortably. *You can usually purchase them at duty free stores during your international travels to get a better deal. That is what I did.

– An umbrella (9) because you should always be prepared for rain. I like Totes Micro Portable umbrellas. They are super small, so there’s no excuse to leave it at home.

– Also, in case it doesn’t rain, you should remember to pack sunglasses (6). I love my Marc Jacobs sunglasses, and while they are also expensive, they last a long time if you take care of them. If I’m protecting my eyes and preventing wrinkles, I want a pair of sunglasses I know will last.

As far as outfits go, something comfortable yet that distinguishes me as the teacher is extremely necessary.

I plan on wearing items 2, 5, and 7 on the way down. We will be leaving at 6am and will start site-seeing immediately upon arrival. This leaves no time to change in between. I picked up khaki (color not shown here) colored linen pants from Aerie (7) to pair with a white t-shirt (2) and navy blue (color not shown here) sweater.

The following day, my outfit will be an Ann Taylor Loft dress (1), which is sure to keep me cool. It also looks adorable paired with the TOMS.

Finally, on Friday, I will wear the Ann Taylor Loft t-shirt dress (8), also paired with my TOMS. This dress is also comfortable and put together. Since we will be driving home that night, I plan on sticking a pair of leggings into my bag to wear on our bus ride home.

Dressing for an overnight class trip can be tricky, but with a few key pieces it can be a cinch! Hopefully, the rest of the trip will run as smoothly.

Ann Taylor LOFT short sleeve dress
$59 –

Ann Taylor LOFT tshirt dress
$49 –

Trouve knit top
$34 –

Aerie tapered pants
$20 –

$25 –

TOMS canvas shoes
$44 –

Longchamp folding tote bag
$145 –


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