What Does 2011 Have in Store?

“Let’s spend every New Year’s Eve in a different country!” was the vow my best friend and I made to each other last year at the strike of midnight. We were drowning away the sorrows of the past year with champagne in the center of Amsterdam, and welcoming in 2010 with open arms.

2009 was anything but perfect in my eyes. Full of heartbreak and confusion: exactly what one should expect in their mid-twenties. After moving in and moving out with my ex-boyfriend, moving home to my parents after a depressing break-up, meeting someone new on a cruise to Bermuda only to discover he had a girlfriend that he neglected to tell me about, panic attacks, and the normal drama of everyday life in between, I had had enough. 2010 had to start in a way that was unlike any other.

Leidseplein Fireworks

So, my best friend, Lara, and I decided to spend our Christmas vacation in Europe: visiting my family in Dublin, her friends in Brussels, and ending in Amsterdam for New Year’s because, why not? So, after an exhausting mini-Euro-trip, we ended up in the crowded Leidseplein square on New Year’s Eve surrounded by champagne and fireworks. It was the best New Year’s I’ve ever had, and aside from running away from the fireworks that anybody is allowed to shoot off, it was perfect. Which is why, that night we decided to go abroad for every New Year’s Eve from then on.

After that night in Amsterdam, things in my life started to look up. To start it all of, we even got bumped up to Business Class on the way home. 2010 was filled up with wonderful adventures and experiences. It was quite possibly the best year of my life.

This year we are headed to Edinburgh, Scotland. I cannot be more excited to ring in 2011 in this beautiful city.


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